Battery Back-up Sump Pumps

Don’t rely on luck to avoid flooding during heavy rains and power outtages. We recommend battery back-up sump pumps, which we install in Owensboro area homes.

In a power outtage, your sump pump (which keeps water below your home) may not function. And when a power outtage is paired with heavy rains, the chance of floods gets even higher. Basements and low-lying areas are often the first to be affected during a storm. And Owensboro area homes are some of the most at risk.

For all these reasons, a battery backup sump pump system is the perfect solution.

Acme installs battery back-ups that will work for 6-8 hours on a full battery charge. This gives you time to focus on your family during a power outtage, and wait for power (and normal sump pump function) to return. Regular service maintenance from Acme means your battery will always be charged. And we can usually add a battery back-up to any sump pump.

Battery back-ups bring peace of mind so you can trust your basement will always stay dry. And with low-lying areas all throughout Owensboro, they are vital to protect thousands of local homes.

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