Digital Thermostats

Thermostats regulate heating or cooling systems to bring the home to a selected temperature. Going beyond basic temperature control, programmable thermostats can be used to manage the temperature of your home at different times of the day or week. This type of control can have a significant impact on the overall energy efficiency of your home. ACME Plumbing and Heating carries a full line of thermostats and will help you select the one that best matches your lifestyle.

Infinity® Control

Digital Thermostats - Infinity ControlMost Powerful Comfort Control

Intuitive and simple to use, the Carrier® Infinity Control taps the power of the Infinity System. In addition to unmatched access to every type of environmental control, remote programming can be added as an accessory. This is the best thermostat in the Carrier® line.

Edge® Programmable Thermostat

Digital Thermostats - Edge Programmable ThermostatSmart and Good Looking: Programmable Thermostat

The ultra-slim Edge Programmable thermostat is an ultra-slim control that borrows style from high-end photo frames. It provides precise temperature and humidity control, and it can be customized to your home décor. It can support HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel systems, too.

Edge® Non-Programmable Thermostat

Digital Thermostats - Edge Non-Programmable ThermostatCarrier’s Design Innovation and Touch ‘N’ Go™ Simplicity

The ultra-slim control Non-Programmable Edge Thermostat borrows style from high-end photo frames. The sleek design can be customized for your home and features three-button Touch ‘N’ Go™ set points that fit your lifestyle.

ComfortZone™ II Control

Digital Thermostats - Comfort Zone II ControlThe Total Comfort Thermostat Programmed for Top Efficiency

The Comfort Zone II digital thermostat from Carrier® allows programming of temperature and humidity levels in 7-day cycles, in up to 8 zones. Enjoy both greater comfort and lower energy costs, all from a single, powerful source.

Comfort™ Programmable Thermostat

Digital Thermostats - Comfort Programmable ThermostatBasic Programmable Thermostat with Easy-to-Read LCD Screen

The Carrier® Comfort Programmable Thermostat provides enhanced control capability for maximum performance, reliability and indoor comfort. The sleek, contemporary design fits with any home décor.

Comfort™ Non-programmable Large Screen Thermostat

Digital Thermostats - Comfort Non-Programmable Large Screen ThermostatCarrier’s Technical Innovation in a Programmable Thermostat

With the Carrier® Comfort Non-Programmable Large Screen Thermostat, you can simply set it and forget it. With simple instructions printed right inside the door, it’s easy to maximize your comfort using this electronic thermostat that’s both mercury-free and battery-free.

Comfort™ Non-programmable Small Screen Thermostat

Digital Thermostats - Comfort Non-Programmable Small Screen ThermostatMaximize Efficiency, Comfort with Programmable Thermostat

The Carrier® Comfort™ Non-Programmable Small Screen Thermostat gives you benefits of a digital thermostat in a simple, easy-to-use control.

Comfort™ Series 3-Zone

Digital Thermostats - Comfort Series 3-ZoneManage Both Temperature and Humidity from a Single Source

The Carrier® energy-efficient Comfort Series 3-Zone Control thermostat controls humidity and temperature in up to 3 zones, adjusting comfort levels to specific areas. This thermostat offers the versatility of being programmable or non-programmable.